Free Fall or Not? Your choice…

DSCN9631-001The energy on the planet is changing quickly, blinking brightly, bringing forth times of joy and feelings of contentment, feelings that all is well. Then just as quickly the energy flips and you may find yourself in a spiral of darkness, of... Read More

Thoughts on My Recent Bout with the Flu

Key Lime Pie!Two weeks ago I returned from a trip to Key West, Florida, an unexpected gift from the Universe (and my husband). This holiday excursion took place during my birthday week (best birthday ever!) where I was bombarded with a barrage of heavenly... Read More

Healing the Rift: Softening the energy of Fear

DSCN9411Last night, I went to see the movie “Interstellar.” Some colleagues in my screenplay writing class had recommended it to me as a good movie to see. Knowing nothing else about it,  I was expecting the typical darkness of apocalyptic movies,... Read More