Oct 052014

Flying Free by Paula Bates

Our biggest challenge in our lives now, in this world, is to learn to truly trust in our intuition, a river of truth which runs deeply through our human electrical systems. The heart as the home of our intuition is the organ we are collectively opening up to allow it back into the place for which it was originally designed — as the central command unit of our bodies and minds and the planet in general. It is growing ever stronger as our civilization is shifting from the dominance of the head and mind, to the love and wisdom of the heart.  Although we have all been taught to use the information outside of ourselves — to trust our heads, not our hearts or our emotions; it is the heart, not the head that is truly wise. The head was always meant to be a servant of the heart, not the other way around.

being fully immersed in love

being fully immersed in love

So then when we eventually do make it fully into our hearts, we will have to learn to navigate the brightness, the ecstasy actually, of this landscape of beauty and joy because  all we have been used to is the dull dryness of the brain. It’s as if we are going through life, like the old metaphor, in black and white. In the egoic state of the mind, dullness but pain-free sometimes passes for joy, but joy it is not. Joy is an entity all its own where suddenly when tapped into, it is like the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy leaves Kansas and ends up in Oz, and everything is then in wild crazy beautiful color — gone from dull and flat to brilliant! Continue reading »

Aug 312014
Fear and the Matrix

Life is a smorgasbord of delights. We exist here in this physical plane in a virtual playground, a hologram,  similar to the idea presented in The Matrix. I am not alone here in thinking this; there are many physicists who believe this to be true. http://discovermagazine.com/2013/dec/09-do-we-live-in-the-matrix But unlike the matrix, we do control the outcome; the […]