Nov 232014

Last night, I went to see the movie “Interstellar.” Some colleagues in my screenplay writing class had recommended it to me as a good movie to see. Knowing nothing else about it,  I was expecting the typical darkness of apocalyptic movies, but was delighted to discover that  it focused on the transformative and saving power of love.  It’s the first movie that I’ve seen since  Avatar that made me smile in anticipation of the possibilities of our species. That  big budget movies are being made about  powerful love connections that go beyond time and space, gives me great hope.


In meditation last week I asked Spirit for help in understanding the horrible things that have happened to people I know or am one or two degrees removed from. In particular, I know the  uncle of Abdul-Rahman (Peter) Kassig. In addition, my cousin’s son was a friend of his. To be this close to such horror has affected me profoundly and has made me question much. But in addition to Mr. Kassig’s fate, in the past few weeks I have had friends and love ones die or in the process of dying or trying to heal from traumatic injuries or diseases, not to mention my own physical challenges. I have had old friendships dissolve and new friendships evolve, all in this last month. And there have been intense joyful and magical moments as well. Not only the day to day delights of living, such as good friends and dinners out, loving pets and gorgeous art, but the manifestation of synchronistic miracles!

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Aug 312014
Fear and the Matrix

Life is a smorgasbord of delights. We exist here in this physical plane in a virtual playground, a hologram,  similar to the idea presented in The Matrix. I am not alone here in thinking this; there are many physicists who believe this to be true. But unlike the matrix, we do control the outcome; the […]