Apr 182014


While driving to my yoga class today, I got behind a v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w moving bright yellow tree chipper type truck.

Come on, I thought. I have a class to get to!

I considered going another route, but with the extra turns and curves, it would take longer than if I stayed on the main drag.  I chose not to turn. When we reached the stop light the truck barreled on through a yellow light. As the light turned red, I was left behind waiting for the traffic light to change back to green.


Great! He forces me to slow way down and because of him, I miss the green light, I fumed.

Hands grasping tightly around the steering wheel, I made myself take a breath and exhale. I was going to a yoga class after all–silly to get all worked up. I released my grip on the  wheel.

Yes, there is a reason for this, I thought. I’ll just wait and allow the reason to reveal itself. And at least I won’t be irritated by that slow moving vehicle anymore.

As soon as the light switched to green, I took off. I was able to drive a few blocks unfettered by any trucks or cars in front of me.

But when I reached the next light, there sat the yellow truck in the same turn lane that I needed to be in. Continue reading »