Jul 212015

The energy on the planet is changing quickly, blinking brightly, bringing forth times of joy and feelings of contentment, feelings that all is well. Then just as quickly the energy flips and you may find yourself in a spiral of darkness, of insecurities and doubts about yourself and the very viability of the planet or at the least, the viability of choosing to stay here on the planet any longer. (This is very real. Many of us have lost friends in the past year to suicide and other forms of illnesses.) So back and forth – slam/bam – dark/light, then back to dark again.

Life in Free Fall

Life in Free Fall; Artwork by Paula Bates

This pattern is something that many of us have been aware of lately. As I have looked more closely at these patterns and have read other ideas about this phenomenon, I have allowed into my consciousness on a much deeper and real level the idea that we create our world by our thoughts. This is not just New Age mumbo jumbo, but truth—look at the evidence. Every choice you make in your life creates a new reality. If you choose this thing over other infinite amounts of other options, it sets you on the path of that choice.

Photograph by Paula Bates

Photograph by Paula Bates

I’m not just talking about huge life decisions like whether to have a child or not, but also very mundane choices like what to eat for breakfast or what outfit to wear. Every choice affects your next move. It is the animation, the propellant for the forward movement through your life. You may ask yourself, where did those choices come from? Thoughts—they came as a result of thoughts.  Even if they were decisions made from subconscious beliefs that you carry arising from old patterns, they are still thoughts — thoughts which create your reality.

Artwork by Paula Bates


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Jan 252015
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